Message from Our CEO

Mr Aisake Taito

From the CEO’s Desk 

Bula Vinaka and Noa’ia! 

The iTaukei Trust Fund Board or TTFB in short was established in 2004, mainly to impact and advance the standards of living of iTaukei and Rotuman’s through a better and more effective use of their natural resources; and to conserve their cultures, traditions, norms, languages and values, for the generations to come. 

At TTFB, we hold certain investments both in Fiji and abroad. Our portfolio of investments includes properties, telecommunications, banking and finance, retail and food. In addition to investments, we engage in special projects that promote our culture and traditions, including language and heritage. 

We sponsor Fijian Language Studies at the University of the South Pacific and we also sponsor Fijian Language Specialists who wish to further their study of the Fijian Language. We are also looking at the Rotuman Language and some of the emerging projects is that we are working towards the establishment of a Rotuman Language Commission. 

TTFB has also conducted some valuable insights and research into cultural practices and traditions that could be deemed unique to certain parts of Fiji. Known as the Vanua Fieldwork Programme, this project celebrates our culture, our traditions and our heritage. 

Our small team specialize in the areas of culture and language, business and investments. 

Although this year has been an unusual one in that, how the global COVID19 pandemic has affected us know, we are pleased to note that some of our developing projects will materialize in the coming year. With that in mind, we look forward to finishing this year off strong. 

Stay safe and take care.