Na Solevuti, Taqomaki kei na Maroroi

Ni noda Vosa, iTovo kei na Veika eda kilai kina.


The iTaukei Trust Fund Board (TTFB) was established by the Fiji government to foster the advancement of indigenous Fijians and Rotumans by promoting initiatives that will better their standard of living and enhance appropriate cultural traditions and values. iTaukei Trust Fund Board (TTFB) contributes towards boosting the capacity of Fiji’s cultural sector through the provision of scholarships, specialist services in language, culture and heritage and financial assistance.

Message from Our CEO

Bula Vinaka, Noa’ia and Welcome to the iTaukei Trust Fund Board website!

The iTaukei Trust Fund Board or TTFB in short was established in 2004, mainly to impact and advance the standards of living of iTaukei and Rotumans through a better and more effective use of their natural resources; and to conserve their cultures, traditions, norms, languages and values, for the generations to come.

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Herbal medicine is natures wonder

As industrialized societies revisit the power of plant-based diets and medicines, indigenous knowledge plays a critical role in this return. As urban drift and migration increase, it is critical to record this knowledge to help inform our collective future and health.

Author Suliana Siwatibau says she hopes her book will cultivate an interest in natural medicines and help develop it further.

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We work hand in hand with our partners to better sevre our community.