Executive Summary

Lead Applicant (Individual/Entity/Consortium)

Social Media
Physical Address
Legal Structure

Needs Analysis

Problem statement
Literature Review
Stakeholder analysis

Aims and Objectives

Overall goal
Project Purpose
Specific objectives (SMART)


Previous projects / experience
Previous TTFB projects (if they have been supported by TTFB before)
Letters of Support from relevant authorities
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Funding request
Which TTFB Priority Area does it fall under?
Date of the Project
Anticipated start date
Anticipated end date
Total number of months for the project
Location of the Project
Will the project be delivered in more than one location?
Will the project or any part of the project be delivered outside of Fiji?
Project Communication
How will the results of the project be communicated or disseminated?
Demonstrated experience of managing similar projects, grants and providing acquittals and reports
Explain how?
Project Design
Outline project idea and planned activities
Describe how the proposed activity links to national and regional goals/priorities
Describe how the proposed activity complements other activities in the Sector
Describe what you plan to achieve from the proposed activities. Outline your objectives and the expected results and ensure your objectives are SMART
Identify the skills your organization has that will be important in delivering the project
Identify the skills your organization does not have and will need support
Impact and Sustainability
Clearly outlines the impacts you expect the proposed activities will have and who will benefit from these? How do the expected impacts relate to TTFB’s priorities?
Sustainability approach – what actions will you take to ensure the impacts of the proposed activities are sustained in the future?

Beneficiaries or Target Group

Explain how your activities will promote the inclusion and participation of target groups:

  • Women and children
  • People with disabilities
  • Elderly members (incl. widows and widowers)
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Project Activities (Inputs)

Monitoring - Logframe planning Matrix

  • Specific project objectives
  • Expected Outputs
  • Indicatiors
  • Sources of Verification
  • Timeframe
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Evaluation Plan

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Proposed Strategy/Project Work Plans

  • Outputs
  • Activity Description
  • Budget
  • Timeframe
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Organization Profile / Team

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