Our Traditions, Our Customs, Our Pride

Our Traditions, Our Customs, Our Pride

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1. What is the iTaukei Trust Fund Board?

The iTaukei Trust Fund Board (TTFB) was established in 2004 to advance the standardsof living of iTaukei and Rotumans through better utilisation of their resources; andenhance and safeguard their cultures, traditions, norms, languages and values.

2. What is the acronym for the iTaukei Trust Fund Board?


3. Where is TTFB located?

Veivueti House, along 87 Queen Elizabeth Drive, Nasese

4. Does TTFB have any branches or offices outside of Suva?


5. Who is the current Chief Executive Officer?

Mr Aisake Taito

6. Who are current Board of Directors?
  • Mr Pita Tagicakirewa – Chairman
  • Mr Peni Cavuilagi
  • Mr Sipirio Nemani
  • Mr Fatiaki Misau
  • Ms Preetika Prasad
  • Mr Naibuka Seduadua
7. What are TTFB’s Projects in Social Leadership Training?
  • Sauvaki ni Vanua (training in good governance and social leadership) for TraditionalLeaders’ Kinsmen
  • Fijian Language Studies Programme at the University of the South Pacific
  • Vanua Fieldwork Research
  • Rural Women Entrepreneurship Training with the Fiji National University
  • Loan Guarantee Scheme for Resource Owners with Home Finance Company Ltd
  • Rotuma Island Organic Accreditation Programme
  • Healing Plants of Fiji Book and App
  • Solesau (Learning Management System)
  • iVolavosa (iTaukei dictionary)